About Pinky Swear:

Pinky Swear Jewelry is a magical mixture of nostalgic childhood memories and dreamy current obsessions. We weave perfect, tiny details into every one of our pieces, so that every design is more enchanting than the last.

And our eye for detail doesn't end there-- Each Pinky Swear piece is carved by hand, molded, cast, gemstones set, and finally polished *in-house*.  We carefully design and craft every piece of our jewelry in our solar-powered workshop in Tucson, Arizona, using 'green', recycled metals and ethically sourced materials.     



About the owner:

Owner, designer, and jeweler Beth Pink began making jewelry in a high school class at age 16, followed up by a BFA in Metalsmithing at Indiana University, and hasn’t looked back since.  

With interests and influences that range broadly-- from Korean drama to quantum physics to mythology to deep dives into fantasy novels-- those obsessions always seem to find their way into silver and gold. Her passions may be varied, but her favorite way of telling a story is through jewelry.