About Pinky Swear:

Pinky Swear Jewelry is designed and carefully crafted by hand in Tucson, Arizona. Thanks to a healthy dose of OCD, we can't stop obsessing about everything: hand carving, casting, and polishing the perfect, tiny details on our jewelry, designing reusable packaging worthy of each piece, using sustainable practices, and sourcing green, recycled metals.  

Shop dogs Imo and Ebi (whose names are Japanese for potato and shrimp) try hard to flop down exactly where they shouldn't be, and then blink at you with puppy eyes until you melt. Yah. Even the dogs are committed to the Pinky Swear vibe.

So cute it's hard-core? Or so hard-core it's cute? Either way, Pinky Swear spends every day making a cocktail of sarcasm and hugs.


About the owner:

Owner, designer, and jeweler Beth Wagner began making jewelry in a high school class at age 16, and hasn’t looked back since. Her finely crafted designs are a mix of magical childhood memories and her grown-up obsessions. 

With interests and influences that range broadly-- from Korean drama to quantum physics to mythology to deep dives into history-- those obsessions always seem to find their way into silver and gold. Her passions may be varied, but her favorite way of telling a story is through jewelry.