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50% of the proceeds of this necklace go to support an ongoing rescue of dogs from neglect and abuse in Sarajevo.  The dogs are given vet care and fostering, and then sent to loving forever homes around the world. It is an expensive endeavor, but one that is worthwhile. If you would like to learn more about the rescues, you can read about it here.

Your purchase will come with a note of thanks and the amount donated in your name to Saving Suffering Strays.

Pinky Swear’s ELSA Dog necklace is ready to be near your heart, its diamond eye sparkling with pure love. Wear it alone or as the perfect addition to your “neckmess” layers~

This pendant is carved to look like a Russian Bear Dog-- a breed common to the Sarajevo area. It is named after an actual dog rescued in 2019. Elsa the real dog now lives in the USA with her forever mom, Jennifer Heebner (editor and jewelry writer). The three stars call the mind the stars in the Bosnian flag, and represent the journeys of these rescue dogs: their difficult past, uncertain present as they heal and wait, and their bright beautiful futures, with loving families.


Handmade one at a time in your choice of Sterling Silver, Oxidized Sterling Silver,14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, 14K white gold, or 18K yellow gold.

Pinky Swear vibe: “Forever in my heart~”


$180  Sterling Silver  (on polished silver chain)

$180  Oxidized Sterling Silver  (on oxidized silver chain)

$750  14K Yellow Gold  (on oxidized silver chain)

$750  14K Rose Gold  (on oxidized silver chain)

$750  14K White Gold  (on oxidized silver chain)

$990  18K Yellow Gold  (on oxidized silver chain)