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Pinky Swear supports the bodily autonomy of women and those with female organs, and fully supports their right to choose. 

We hope that this piece will be a limited edition, and soon a forgotten relic in your jewelry box, that your grandchildren will someday find. We hope they will have no idea that a coathanger is a symbol of the back alley abortions that many women had no choice but to use. 

The "Never Again" banner draped over the coathanger shows our hope, our plea, that we will not go back to that dark time.  The style of the banner is also meant to call to mind the suffragettes who marched for our right to vote, barely 100 years ago. 




50% of this retail price, which constitutes 100% of the profits from this piece, go to the pro-choice charity of your choice. 

Please fill in the reproductive rights charity of your choice in the purchase information, and add the location if it is a local group.

We do recommend looking into your local groups who are helping women in your area navigate the flood of new draconian laws. 

If you live in a currently safe state, feel free to request the donation to go to a group in a threatened state. 

Of course, Planned Parenthood and NARAL are always great choices too, and they will get money where it is needed most. 



Pendant is in sterling silver on an 18" chain.

Chain also available in 16" and 20" lengths.